Let's Discuss Your Student Loan Options

Now that you understand your student loan options, what’s next?

First, of course, do you know everything you need to make a decision? Second, do you see all potential landmines in the vast student loan collection industry?

If so, proceed to the appropriate student loan website and make your selection. However, if you make a poor decision, it may be impossible to undo it.

  • You could hire an experienced student loan lawyer. This person can evaluate your situation and recommend alternatives. Unlike the person answering the phone at your student loan company, a student loan attorney understands student loans and will be on your side.

In most communities, these lawyers are not easy to find. However, there is one outstanding resource on the legal site, www.avvo.com. On this website, you can review information about lawyers throughout the United States. This information includes

Dorothy G. Bunce


Whether you hire Attorney Dorothy at A Fresh Start Law or another student loan lawyer, understand legal advice is an investment. The result you want is a payment that balances out what you can afford with paying for the shortest time. Undeniably, you will want any conditions on the program to be easy to fulfill.

Once you decide on who should represent you, your student loan lawyer can begin to “works wonders” and “make the magic happen.” Contact A Fresh Start Law today to learn how investing in expert legal advice can pay dividends

Why Choose A Fresh Start Law?

At A Fresh Start Law, we tackle various debt problems using numerous strategies.  Most important, we have solutions both inside and outside bankruptcy. If you would like to solve your student loan debt problems,  contact me from this site.

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