How to Avoid Student Loan Debt

Of course, there are alternatives to going into debt to attend school. Some options, like being born to or adopted by a wealthy family, are unpractical. Other choices may require you to change your core values or give up on the dreams you may have had for a lifetime. Even so, if you haven’t taken out student loan debts, here are some other alternatives to consider.

Don't Go To School

Nowadays, many employers prefer job candidates with specific skills. Considering an educational background may not be nearly as important as it once was. Internships are another way to discover if you have the attributes needed to work in a particular field. In addition, many professional skills and trades may not require a costly education. For example, computer and sales jobs require specific skills, not any degree. YouTube is another excellent resource to obtain a free education. The fields you can study with YouTube are nearly unlimited. The only limit of education through YouTube is that it will not provide you with a diploma.   In addition, streaming services such as The Great Courses offer online classes in many fields.  The professors teaching these courses work at highly-rated colleges and universities.

Choice of School

Choosing a school with an exorbitant price tag often leads to needing a lot of financial assistance. But don't forget local community colleges. They can provide a similar level of education, often at less than half of the price of a university

Alternative Financing Options such as Grants, Scholarships

 Many schools offer financial aid to students in the form of grants, scholarships, and work-study programs. Ask your school's respective financial aid officer to discuss alternate resources without incurring debt. All these options can help you save money while attending college.

Limiting Student Loan Debt

 Suppose you live at home and can otherwise minimize your day-to-day expenses while attending school. In that case, you could still obtain a university diploma.  Doing this can reduce the amount you need to borrow to pay for your education. Some employers will pay for a part of your education.  In addition, many students work full-time and attend school part-time. Meanwhile, others attend school full time and work part-time.  Either way, reducing your living expenses while having an income can make the extra cost of attending school more affordable.

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