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Attorney Dorothy G Bunce sponsors this website. Dorothy works for A Fresh Start Law in Las Vegas, Nevada. She began practicing law in 1978 and handled her first bankruptcy case in 1979. In 2000, she opened “A Fresh Start Law,” representing people who need solutions to financial problems. Dorothy encourages her clients to use her proven strategies for their FICO scores.

Eventually, clients began asking Dorothy for help with their student loans. While negotiating with an attorney for a student loan company,  Dorothy mentioned that “there must be a better way to solve this student loan problem.” Her colleague responded, “Well, yes, there is.” This discussion revealed crucial inside information about federal student loan programs.

Dorothy grew up on a farm with dairy cows, chickens, ducks, and geese. Dorothy kept a poodle “at stud” and babysat for neighborhood children to pay for her education. But of course, these earnings were insufficient – to attend law school, she also needed student loans. So Dorothy also has first-hand experience with student loans.

After Dorothy’s husband died, Dorothy filed for bankruptcy herself. Joe, her current partner, is disabled and survives on social security disability benefits. Considering all this, Dorothy understands how fragile life can be, and that anyone can confront financial difficulties. She believes there is much each of us can learn from hard times.

Dorothy, a former fat girl, lost over 100 pounds.  From this experience, she also learned that any promise that “one size fits all” is entirely false – whether it is your clothes or your bankruptcy case. In her spare time, when not working or helping clients, she loves to work out in the gym and play with her dogs, Brownie and Cody.

Dorothy Bunce is licensed to provide legal counsel in Nevada.  However, her law firm can help people solve their problems with federal student debts across the country. Dorothy has been compared to a feisty Mom or “Nan” who will not enjoy your “pity party.” Instead, she will set you straight with any delusion or misinterpretation of the law or facts. Dorothy believes you can learn to “keep calm and carry on” by implementing her strategies to solve your debt problems.

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