Student Loan Debt

Most people know student debt is growing at an alarming rate. After completing high school, young inexperienced students are pressured to immediately enroll in a college or university.  They enroll in educational programs without knowing the cost and likely believing a diploma is a ticket to a well-paying job.

Financial Aid counselors employed by the school tell these students that obtaining student loans is effortless.  No one addresses the issue of how these debts will be repaid.  The only goal presented is to take the required courses in order to get a better job. Besides, it is like getting free money!  No one considers whether any jobs are available or how much a theoretical job might pay.  Pursing the dream of this ideal career is the only thing that matters.

Have you been in a similar situation? Did you end up with substantial debt as a result of the cost of your education?

If so, I have exciting news to share. In my professional career as an attorney, I have worked finding solutions to debt problems. One of the most challenging parts of my job has been to make sense of the student loan system.  This has also been a rewarding experience.

On this website, I provide FREE and comprehensive information about student loans. Since student loan debt is a vast topic, you may have to wade through some boring details. But occasionally, you may find a hidden treasure that could change your life.

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