Permanent Disability Discharge

Another option to eliminate student loan debt is with a permanent disability discharge. This program is less costly than a bankruptcy, doesn’t require making your financial situation public, and lacks many negative credit repercussions.

However, the truth is, most permanent disabilities are invisible.  There are many kinds of conditions that might make someone have a permanent disability.  But you can’t discharge of your student loan debts due to a disability if you can do any type of work. 

Like obtaining social security disability benefits, getting a permanent disability discharge of your student loans requires proof that you can’t work. Typically, you need medical evidence stating that your disability is permanent. In addition, it will help to have a report showing your job limitations, called a functional capacity evaluation.

Obtaining a permanent disability discharge of your student loans imposes a high burden. Showing that you can’t use the skills acquired by attending school won’t be sufficient.

While a student loan attorney can submit your application for this program, better options may exist.

I will explain how to prevent your student loan debt from exploding. However, if it is too late to stop that, I will find options to repay your student loan debt at the lowest possible cost.

In summary, to seek financial advice from a debt collector or anybody you owe is foolish. Your best interests and the lender's best interests are always in conflict. Even a friendly and pleasant customer service representative will be promoting their employer's objectives, not yours.

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