General Strategies

  • If you have student loan debt, carefully consider your options. A typical student graduates with over $40,000 in student loan debt. If you graduate with an excellent entry-level job, repaying this debt might be straightforward. It might be possible to repay your student loan debts within two years if you find work that pays enough.

  • But to accomplish this goal, your lifestyle may need to be frugal. Adjust your idea of "normal." Paying off debt isn't compatible with purchasing a new vehicle, eating lunch at work at restaurants, or buying unnecessary things. If it is important to eliminate your student loan debt, you must compromise your choices to live without certain creature comforts.

  • If you face any hard times, and sooner or later, we all will, repaying your student loans can become a bigger problem.

  • The simplest way to start is to put together a budget. Doing this doesn't need to be complicated or a form of torture, like going on a diet.

  • Begin this task by listing what you will earn each month after taxes.  If your income varies, list what you have earned during the previous three months.

  • Next, list what you must pay for your ordinary living expenses, such as rent, transportation, groceries, utilities, etc.

  • Finally, subtract the expenses from your income.  The resulting number indicates how much you can contribute to repaying your debts.

Once you know how much you have available to pay debts, you must decide what amount to allocate between your student loan and your other debts. Then, you can evaluate how many months or years it will take to repay the student loan with this final number.  A helpful tool is a “loan amortization calculator,” which is available on many financial websites.  Just enter the pertinent numbers (loan balance, interest rate, payment amount). This calculator will determine how long it will take to repay your student loan.

Some people may find that they simply can’t do this work. If this describes you, don’t be afraid to obtain inexpensive professional help from a bookkeeper.

If you aren’t able to repay your student loans just by being frugal, there are other options. This website explains programs such as Income-Based Repayment (IBR) programs that offer options of lower payments. That’s one of the services our law firm provides to our clients. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Why don’t you explore this opportunity? If you want to discover the best option for you, invest in consulting a student loan attorney. Everyone wants to be free from the burden of student loan debt.

Even if you obtained a degree in finance, understanding how the student loan system operates can be overwhelming. So don’t be ashamed to ask for professional help. 

And don’t be “penny-wise, and pound foolish.” If professional help can save you ten times what you pay for it, it is a sure bet. And a be like this comes without any tax consequences.

I will explain how to prevent your student loan debt from exploding. However, if it is too late to stop that, I will find options to repay your student loan debt at the lowest possible cost.

In summary, to seek financial advice from a debt collector or anybody you owe is foolish. Your best interests and the lender's best interests are always in conflict. Even a friendly and pleasant customer service representative will be promoting their employer's objectives, not yours.

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